Viðar was a son of god Odin in the nordic mythology. He kills the wolf Fenrir to avenge his father Odin by stepping down with one foot in a special leather shoe on the lower jaw of the wolf and tearing his mouth apart. His shoe is described as consisting of leather pieces that people have cut of their own shoes and given them to Viðar. It was the first case of safety footwear usage, described in Germanic myths.


A  new  company  -  modernized  workmanship   traditions.
We  are a  new  company  in  the middle  of  Saxony   – designing,  manufacturing  and  distribution  of  occupational   and  safety  footwear  worldwide.
All  the   best  is  simple  –  this  slogan  is actual  especially  for  working  shoes,   where   each  unnecessary  decorative  element  sometimes   could  be  a cause   of  an  accident,  or,  as   in our  case  of  kitchen  and  medical  footwear,  could   create  additional  contamination.
Quality  –  we  use  exclusively  certified  European  materials  for  our  production,  we   test  the  materials  once  more  before  the  production.
Reasonably  priced  -  is  not  cheap.   We   constantly  try  to  make   fair  prices  for  our  customers  and  to  achieve   optimal  relation  price / quality.

All  our  shoes   are  certified:
Occupational   footwear  –  EN ISO 20347:2012
Safety   footwear  -   EN ISO 20345:2011