Viðar was a son of god Odin in the nordic mythology. He kills the wolf Fenrir to avenge his father Odin by stepping down with one foot in a special leather shoe on the lower jaw of the wolf and tearing his mouth apart. His shoe is described as consisting of leather pieces that people have cut of their own shoes and given them to Viðar. It was the first case of safety footwear usage, described in Germanic myths.

These  shoes   are  washable  by  40  degree  Celsius  up  to  40  times.   That’s  why  you  can   use  these  shoes  at  companies  with  HACCP.   Workwear-rental   companies    complement   their  offer  with  this  footwear  as  well.

Occupational  footwear   is  certified   according  to  EN ISO 20347:2012.

Safety   footwear  is  certified   according  to  EN ISO 20345:2011.

The  lasts  are  designed  especially  for   foot   strain  lowering  -  with  anatomic  formed  footbed,  with  deep  heel  cup, with  cross upfold  bearing.  You have  a  firm  and  safe  stand  in  our  shoes.  The  clogs  have  additionally  a toe grip.

We  try   to  hold  our  footwear  design  as  simple  as  possible  for  the  sake  of  hygiene  and  saf  working.